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Dave writes occasionally on stories from his life, business, and general thoughts on life as a blind person.

Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Fighting for Scraps and Go for the Buffet
Hi there, Gang, long time, no post, I know. I was so inspired by this line that I had to[...]
Words, Have, Impact
Think Before You Speak Why is it that some people don't understand what impact their words have on others? I[...]
Does any other blind person out there think High Fives are awkward?
Does any other blind person out there think High Fives are awkward? Given the rather intense nature of the previous[...]
Losing Faith
Losing faith. Faith. The word immediately evokes a different thing to every person who hears it. To the devout Catholic,[...]
Cycles of Doubt Will Knock You Out!!
Hi, gang. Here's another fabulous installment in, uh...my business life. Alt-Text for image: A washing machine with soap suds running[...]
Hi, I’m Dave, and I am the Idea Killer!!!!!!
Image description: A cartoon dinosaur with mouth wide open showing all his teeth saying "Roar!" Because I thought it was[...]
Mental Blindness
Hi there gang, it’s been a bit since I posted here. But I figured I’d share some things I learned[...]
Disability and Dis-Ability
The Basic Idea According to this Census data, one in five Americans have a disability. I would like to disagree[...]
What if the Answer you’re Looking for is in an Event you’re not in?
Back so very long ago when I was in high school, I used to participate in the Cherry Creek Schools[...]