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Dave Bahr

Dave Bahr was born totally blind. This leads the general public to believe the following:

  • That he somehow cannot hear because he cannot see and thus must be spoken to VERY LOUDLY
  • That he is not capable of crossing streets without being shepherded roughly by a passer by.
  • And that his cane has some sort of superpower, thanks to a comic book character and subsequent portrayal in a film adaptation.
Priscilla holding green reacher in left hand and wearing a black t-shirt that says I am... unstoppable with a red t-rex holding a green reacher,  in black pants, and red slip on shoes

Priscilla Carlson

Priscilla Carlson (1978-2017), Dave’s wife, was born with a genetic disorder that caused her bones to be extremely brittle. This led the general public to think that:

  • Her body would turn into dust if touched.
  • Her sternum, with its odd shape, just might house some sort of explosive device at the airport security checkpoint.
  • And that her electric wheelchair could be lifted easily off a curb despite weighing 370 pounds.
Dave and dog Katie looking at each other

Katie the Dog

Katie the dog (2004-2018) was born to be a service animal to guide Dave. This led the general public to:

  • Ask if she was an attack dog as well as a guide dog.
  • Think that she can tell when the streetlight changes color.
  • And that she has some sort of superpower wherein Dave can say, "Katie, library!" And whoosh! They will arrive without any distractions from other dogs or people to the exact destination requested. 

All of the above examples are real. They all happened multiple times in the lives of these three individuals pictured here. They are, as one might guess, extreme examples of the public at large simply Not Knowing what to do when encountering a situation involving a person with a disability.

Dave Bahr's Mission

Through writing and public speaking, Dave works tirelessly to demystify the public's perception of how to interact with people who have disabilities and those who help them such as service animals.

Dave's style can be described as Lenny Bruce meets outspoken advocate for disability rights and awareness worldwide. Dave uses storytelling and a very dry, biting, and usually irreverent wit to illustrate that people should not be afraid when confronted with a person with a disability.

Instead, curiosity, appropriate questioning, and some semblance of tact are offered as alternatives.

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