Dave Bahr: In-Sightful Living
Dave Bahr: In-Sightful Living
Dave Bahr: In-Sightful Living

Having a Vision Does Not Require Sight, Just Insight

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Dave Bahr's Mission

Through writing and public speaking, Dave works tirelessly to demystify the public's perception of how to interact with people who have disabilities and those who help them such as service animals.

Dave's style can be described as Lenny Bruce meets outspoken advocate for disability rights and awareness worldwide. Dave uses storytelling and a very dry, biting, and usually irreverent wit to illustrate that people should not be afraid when confronted with a person with a disability.

Instead, curiosity, appropriate questioning, and some semblance of tact are offered as alternatives.

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PRAVE is Available Now!!!

Dave sitting in directors chair

PRAVE = Priscilla + Dave
Meet Priscilla and Dave—two headstrong people with very different but complementary disabilities. When they met, fireworks flashed, but they soon became inseparable and each other’s "other half." Together, they attacked and overcame every obstacle in their way—and had one hell of a time doing it. Follow the story of their fiery love affair among moments of raucous laughter, fear, joy, sadness, and incredulity at people's behavior. Share their passion as persons with disabilities who refused to accept limitations on living life to the fullest. PRAVE = Proud + Brave

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