Making Disability Accessible​​​​

Dave works to demystify disability

I’m still here trying to change the world, like you and I used to say, Priscilla, ‘One curb cut and accessible website at a time.’ Still trying to tell our stories with humor and sardonic zest. Like you always told me, ‘If I change one person’s thinking in the audience, somehow, then I’ve done my job.’

Dave Bahr’s Mission

Through writing and public speaking, Dave works tirelessly to demystify the public’s perception of how to interact with people who have disabilities and those who help them such as service animals.

Dave’s style can be described as Lenny Bruce or Trevor Noah meets outspoken advocate for disability rights and awareness worldwide. Dave uses storytelling and a very dry, biting, and usually irreverent wit to illustrate that people should not be afraid when confronted with a person with a disability.

Idioms are funny: “In the dark” is subjective. You have to read with the light on, I can read without it.

Instead, curiosity, appropriate questioning, and some semblance of tact are offered as alternatives.

Woke up to a message on my phone alerting me to Poor Visibility Today. I finally have an explanation of why I keep running into things!

Speaker, Advocate and Coach

An amazing opportunity is to find a bit of potential that you didn’t know you were wasting and turn it into something joyful and desirable. So my question to you is what can I do to help you find that hidden potential or talent?

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Photo of Dave with his cane and his typical big grin.

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