In-Sightful Living Podcast

The In-sightful Living Podcast features CEO Dave Bahr telling stories from his life, business and general thoughts on living as a blind person. Dave will also be including his thoughts on music history (he has a Masters in Musicology), as well as his thoughts on baseball which is his other love. Schedule a Call with Dave here.

Episode 1: Listen To A Story About Not Listening!

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This is my first podcast! so I hope you like what you hear. It’s a little story about how people don’t listen. isn’t it ironic?

Episode 2: Just Because I’m Blind Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Walk Up and Down Stairs

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This is an episode about another concert I attended where somebody just didn’t understand what to do with a blind person. Not all episodes are going to be like this, but you just can’t make these things up! Feedback is appreciated and I hope the audio quality is okay.

Episode 3: Vision Coaching Using Examples of Face Vocal Band and a Jean Shepherd Episode

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Episode three of the In-Sightful Living podcast is a rather lengthy one discussing my experience with Face Vocal Band at Red Rocks on 07/10/2019. They also discuss an episode of the Jean Shepherd show from 1971 which concerns a letter from a prisoner that he read on the air. This all ties into my idea of Vision Coaching. I hope you enjoy this monologue.

Episode 4 – Music History Series – The Blues Before WWII

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This episode is the first in a series on music history. I have a Masters in musicology and felt like some levity was needed in these times of craziness and uncertainty. So I present to you a little bit of history on the blues before the second world war. in the first recording, and point out the blues form and then play the song in full again. Next, I present some acoustic blues and give a little bit of history and my opinion on the singers. I hope you enjoy it; I did this from memory just because I’m passionate about the subject and didn’t want to bog everybody down with facts and figures and dates and things of that nature. Do let me know what you think by leaving a review.

Episode 5 – In-Sightful Living, Scams in this Strange New World

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This is a story that inspired me to start this podcast up again. A strange scam that happened to me a few weeks back. I’ve decided to tell more stories a la Jean Shepherd-style monologues and share my experiences in life and philosophies. Enjoy and do leave a review on iTunes or drop me a line if you like.

Episode 6 – In-Sightful Living, Doing too Much or not Enough in your Business

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These are some thoughts I’ve had on doing too much for or with your business, or not doing enough. Keeping it alive or letting it flail around.

Episode 7 – In-Sightful Living, the Slip and Slide, from Fear to Fun!

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In this episode, I talk about a story of being a kid and a Field Day in elementary school. It’s about fear, about anxiety, about the unknown, but then, it’s about fun. Please review the show and if you like what you hear and have suggestions or comments, feel free to email me at

Episode 8 – In-Sightful Living, What’s Next?

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This is about not knowing what’s next, in life, and a fun story that I wanted to share. Feel free to find out more about me at