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Living in a Coronovirus (Covid-19) World as a Blind Person

My First Facebook Live Video, and Living in a Coronoviurs (Covid-19) World as a Blind Person


Fantales, a new series where I talk about whatever I want to with the camera pointed at my ceiling fan, so you don’t have to be looking at my ugly mug! Aka, so you listen instead of watch. This episode concerns covid19 as a blind person, thoughts on general stupidity and hysteria, and baseball.

Topic Highlights from the Facebook Live Video

In a world with Coronavirus (Covid-19), you are told to avoid touching surfaces, your face, people and to practice social distancing. But, as a blind person, I HAVE to touch a lot of surfaces to get around (for example, going into a bathroom and touching the sink, toilet, etc). Yes, I can wash my hands but I am unable to avoid touching things. Yet, the most annoying thing of all is trying to find the paper towel dispenser and trash can. So, for me, touching things are not optional. This is the reality of being someone that is blind, I am not happy about having to touch things other people are able to see. This is my reality and it should be acknowledged. Are you afraid of running out of toilet paper? Invest in a bidet!


Stop hoarding shit and be nice! I recently gave my instcart driver a roll of toilet paper because it was a nice thing to do. And people need to be aware of these things, be aware of people with disabilities and what their perspective might be. The current message to the world is to stop spreading the virus by washing your hands, avoid touching things, and social distancing. I am trying to do the best I can while helping others. Do you need anything, perhaps a roll of toilet paper? Contact me here – I have plenty of supplies!


I love baseball! Although we might not even have a season this year, the bottom line is that people need to stay safe and healthy! There is always next year or, perhaps having a season without fans? What are your thoughts about that?

Books and Movies

I am currently reading about the Berlin Crisis in 1961. I am not a big movie watcher, but this quote from Men In Black is something people need to think about:

A person is smart, but people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it (Tommy Lee Jones).”

People in crowds can be dangerous (for example: shopping for Christmas gifts). Use your head!

Random Thoughts

I am not a fan of the current administration. But, we have to trust that the CDC knows what they are doing and doing their best with the information that they know.

How do we view fear? Look out for my next podcast to find out.

The Bottom line: we have to go on what we know. The media and religion thrive on the fear of the unknown. What is paranoia? Feeding off the fear of the unknown.

Critical thinking (which is currently lacking) is crucial and everyone needs to Stop, Look, and Listen. Slow down for a second, look at the big and little picture and listen to the voices that are around you (and the internal ones, but not the crazy ones), take a second and think about your actions. Use your common sense which is also lacking for society right now. We are living in a world of uncertainty.

Social Distancing

The 6 to 10 feet rule does not work as a blind person! If you are blind and need to go outside, just go with it. Get a sighted guide if you need help! Other options are to stay in, use instacart and tip them, even throw in a roll of toilet paper! As a blind person, I have to get close to someone, I do not have a choice.

For now, try to live your life as normal as you possibly can. We are all making up shit as we go. Such as life. Be sane and think about your actions and how they can affect others around you!

Watch the Full Video here.

Dave Bahr is the founder of In-Sightful living. He works as an advocate for persons with disabilities and a usability specialist. Schedule a Call with Dave here.

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