Dialing in Content, Analogue Vs. Digital

Dialing in Content, Analogue Vs. Digital

Remember the old days when people still used radios that had a dial on them to tune in the station? Kids, I’m sure you can find one in an antique shop somewhere. Sometimes it would be really easy to find a station, or sometimes you’d have a lot of trouble getting reception. The noise would come in through static, hum, or you’d hear the station fade in and out with other sounds from nearby stations if you didn’t dial it in Just Right. Now, remember when digital tuners came along? If you were in one spot, say, just listening at home, you could press a button and watch a display show you the frequency of the station you were on. And while you still had the issues of reception to contend with between the frequencies, it was more precise and definitely took less time than a dial. If you knew the station frequency, you pushed the button until you saw the right one on the display, and there’s your music or talk or whatever. Ok, now, think of this as your content.

Which do you think is the faster and more direct route?

Are you going to dialing in content slowly, listening to feedback from the station as you gradually make sure you’re on the right one? Moving that dial ever so slightly back and forth to get the right message is not easy; there are bound to be other stations that you will pick up and it takes a while to know which station you are on or might be near. Naturally, dialing in your content is far easier, faster, and more precise on a digital tuner. You know where you’re going, what frequency the content is coming on, and can just press the button until your display shows a constant of the frequency, and it comes in continuously. You have the ability to take time to develop exacting content to the listening audience you know is going to be out there digitally tuning you in. So, I invite you to think about how your content sounds. I know, for me, I’m still fiddling with that darn dial, hearing things fade in and out. Time to find a digital radio and start ‘dialing” in some exact, clear, content.

Dave Bahr is the founder of In-Sightful living. He works as an advocate for persons with disabilities and a usability specialist. Schedule a Call with Dave here.

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