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Cycles of Doubt Will Knock You Out!!

Cycles of Doubt will Knock You Out! Hi, gang. Here’s another fabulous installment in, uh…my business life. Alt-Text for image: A washing machine with soap suds running out of it, overflowing. Because that’s what my brain felt like, a head overflowing with uncontrolled doubt that wouldn’t stop! So, over the holiday weekend, post-Thanksgiving, i had […]

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Hi, I’m Dave, and I am the Idea Killer!!!!!!

Image description: A cartoon dinosaur with mouth wide open showing all his teeth saying “Roar!” Because I thought it was amusing. Hi gang, here’s some wisdom I’m putting out into the world because … uh, well, it needs to be put out there because I know everyone reading this can relate. I was having a […]

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Things I learned from my second Zoom call

Hi there gang, it’s been a bit since I posted here. But I figured I’d share some things i learned from this last Zoom call that I had yesterday. The topic of the call was what I’m calling Mental Blindness. It’s a metaphor for how much confidence we have in an ability that we may, […]

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